Saturday, November 28, 2020
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End Early Christmas

  • Erin Duane ’20

While some people may argue that an early arrival of Christmas festivities helps them get through the last bit of the semester and feel jolly, some people are idiots. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, and this has very little to do with “disrespecting” Thanksgiving, but what makes a holiday special is that it’s just that…a holiDAY. I’m not suggesting that Christmas should only be celebrated on the 25th, but if God intended us to sing carols for two full months, then there would surely be more than one hit Christmas song. On a related note, thank you, Mariah. In reality, having the Christmas season start so soon doesn’t motivate people to finish out the year strong; it just makes you wish school was out already. Trust me, there is no better feeling than finishing your last final, going home, and allowing the Christmas season to commence.

All I’m saying is that maybe this year, be a little less selfish and greedy and let Christmas just be Christmas. And by that, I mean a day when you get a bunch of gifts. If you still don’t agree with me, meaning you are one of the above-mentioned idiots, then think about it like this. You wouldn’t have a birthday party a month and a half before the actual day, and you definitely wouldn’t celebrate your birthday for two months, so why do you insist on celebrating Jesus’ birthday so ahead of time? Also, Christmas is when Jesus was born, so if you really think about it, you’re celebrating for months about a fetus…and that’s kind of creepy.

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