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SHP’s Neglected Sports

  • Patrick Carlson ’21

SHP is a school known for its dynamic, wide range of programs that support the creative and athletic interests of students. However, there are a few sports that are not an option for students to participate in. A few examples of sports that should be available at SHP are badminton, wrestling, hockey, and softball. These three sports are both popular and available at other high schools in the Bay Area.

Although it is not popular for general viewing purposes, badminton is a sport available at most public schools and pretty commonly played by enough students to support a team. Sameer Dewan ‘21 believes that “a badminton team would be beneficial to those who would like to try a new sport, as well as those who have past experiences and interests in the sport.” The sport itself is pretty basic and does not require a change in playing space due to the fact it is played in a gym.  

Wrestling is a key sport for schools because it gives the opportunity for other athletes to improve strength and conditioning in a season where their main sports are not available. It also provides a program for students who truly have a passion for wrestling. It is also among the more common sports in our area that is not supported by our school’s athletic department. 

Hockey is a sport that is very common in schools on the East Coast but less common in the West, especially the Bay Area. However, hockey could be a possibility at Sacred Heart if the school could find the budget to rent out space in a nearby hockey rink. Aidan Pereira ‘21 is invested in Sacred Heart’s drama program, but plays hockey outside of school and wishes his sport had more support at the school. If enough students expressed their interest in hockey, he hopes that the school would take the time to truly consider the option of creating a team. 

Softball is another sport that is not available at SHP. It is a popular sport that is available at most high schools and some people at the school believe it should available. Julie Barragan ‘21 believes that it is hard for her because she has to go outside of school to play softball and she knows that she wants to play in college. It is bittersweet for her because she loves this school but also loves the game of softball. 

After speaking with several students around campus, it was commonly found that many students have less common passions for sports that are not available on Sacred Heart’s campus, all of which are worth taking another look at if there is the interest and resources on campus.

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