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Pros and Cons of Shopping Online vs. Instore

  • Ava Shenk ’22

One highly debated topic among the fashion world is whether shopping online or instore is better. Both have their individual benefits and weaknesses, which can vary the overall experience of shopping for each and every person. 

Shopping Online:
Shopping online is convenient and efficient. When shopping online, shoppers are able to stay in the comfort of wherever they are, and don’t have to drive all the way to the nearest mall or  wherever the stores they want to shop at are located. However, when shopping online, it can be difficult to understand the genuine fit of an item. Because clothes fit differently on people, shopping online can be very deceiving. You may think that you fit into only one size, but your sizing can range depending on the fit of the clothing. Sometimes the clothing can be made from restricting material that would force you to size up or sometimes the clothing can be made loosely or oversized which would require you to size down. Also, it can be hard to see the true color(s) of an item because sometimes they appear differently online. This is because stores usually photoshop their photos to look as good as they can make it look on the model online so that more customers want to buy their product.

Shopping In-store:

When shopping in-store, it can be time-consuming and physically tiring. A disadvantage of shopping in-store is also that it is difficult to see all items in the store and you could easilyskip over an entire section of the store without even knowing it. Unlike shopping online, it can be understood the true color of the item, so you know exactly what it is that you are buying, which is always a benefit. Overall, shopping online and in-store both have their obvious advantages and disadvantages. I hope I helped you decide what form of shopping works best for you!

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