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Target is the Best

  • Schoettler ’20

Don’t you guys think that Target is absolutely lit? (yeah, it’s probably just me; but hear me out.) I love Target. They have genuinely cool clothes that are of pretty good quality, and as a bonus they’ll cost less than any Tommy Bahamas or Hollister alternatives. 

‘Fashion’ isn’t about the price or quality of an outfit; it’s about the style, and most importantly the confidence you wear with it. You could wear jeans ripped from overuse, paired with an oversized and stained hoodie, and still come off as cool; just puff out your chest and act confident. (Of course many high name stores are expensive for a reason, and may have pieces you love, but that doesn’t mean other brands have clothes worth ignoring.) 

But Target? Man, they have legitimately high quality clothes. I wear button-ups 95% of the time, and let me tell you, Target has more diversity in their shirts than a Baskin and Robbin’s has ice cream flavors. And then, after you’ve journeyed through the lengthy shirts isle, that’s where the real fun begins: the trendy clothes. Now, I’m not gonna lie, some of the rompers and coats are a swing and a miss, but every once in a while you’ll find something special. I’ve strolled into Target (my ancestral home) with only $30 or so, and come out with some of my best clothes. My favorites? A shawl-like cape that hangs beautifully, all mat black but for the glossy flower design. High-waisted flowing pants, with black and white vertical stripes, which pair with big black boots like the finest wine with cheese. And, of course, a thin black button up with white piping along the seams (I mean, who uses piping anymore?). 

On some occasions there really aren’t many bomb clothes, and at that point you just gotta sigh deeply, buy some La Croix, and go. But since fashion is constantly rotating and stores have 52 defined seasons in a year (seriously, look it up), you can just pop in the next week for some new options. 

If you don’t think you know style or don’t believe you can pull something off, just pair it with dark reds/blacks and go for it. At the end of the day wear what you want and wear it with confidence, but also keep Target in mind the next time you want to pull up to the spot lookin’ extra fly.

Photo from Target Corporate

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