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Editorial: Big Questions About Time

  • Axel de Vernou ’21

Do we spend our time correctly? Why are students struggling to complete homework on time? How can teachers see eye to eye with students competing at high athletic levels? What is the most productive way to spend one hour of the school day? How does all of this apply to students who prioritize an extracurricular activity as a part of their identity? The HeartBeat is setting out to tackle these questions in the next few issues.

To foster dialogue on our campus and to create content that is meaningful for students, the News section will be pushing the boundaries of investigative reporting at SHP for the upcoming issues of the newspaper. William Briger ‘21, Maya Moffat ‘23, and I will be garnering student, faculty, and administrative opinions to write four articles for Issues 4-7 that will discuss topics to which every member of the community can relate.

In this issue, Maya has introduced the topic of the California legislation that will delay the start time of school, showing how SHP has already begun the conversation of how to reform the schedule and maximize time on and off campus. In our series of articles, however, we are aiming to reconcile administrative and faculty opinions with those of students who dedicate their time to a variety of commitments, whether it is in class, at home, when performing athletically, or with extracurricular activities.

The News section has always taken the approach of reporting on subjects that apply to the school, but in this upcoming series, students can look forward to the start of an ongoing conversation that will bring the community together and inspire change in the way that SHP approaches the most relevant aspects of a student’s life. 

This series will aim to tackle these questions with a diversity of opinions from students and faculty to change the way that the HeartBeat spurs conversation, as well as to get the community thinking about the same pressing topics together. Anyone who is interested in adding their perspective to this discussion should feel free to reach out to one of the writers.

Photo by Oliver Pelham Burn ’20

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