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The Best Cooking Shows to Watch During Quarantine

  • Maddie Levey ’21 & Juliana Rosen ’21

Welcome to Foodies: pandemic edition. We all know that you have hours of extra time on your hands and that many of you are spending this free time cooking and baking, but also sitting in front of the TV. This issue, we decided to fill your foodie needs with our review of three Food Network shows that have been satisfying our tastebuds throughout quarantine. We will be reviewing Kids Baking Championship, Chopped, and Cutthroat Kitchen: three shows that will help satisfy the budding chef in all of you. Here’s what we decided:

Even though its title says “kids,” Kids Baking Championship is an excellent show for all ages- especially when you need some comical entertainment, but you also want to drool over their amazing creations. The hosts, Valarie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman, select a group of 12 kids ages 9-12 to compete for the grand prize of $25,000. Each week, contestants are eliminated which leaves three finalists. What differentiates this show from Cupcake Wars is that first of all, the contestants are kids; and second, the kids do not have to bake just cupcakes, they can be asked to bake anything that would be on a dessert menu. These junior bakers make you laugh and have quite interesting personalities. Kids Baking Championship is a highly entertaining program and we greatly recommend it.

Chopped is also a very entertaining show, starting off with four chefs competing in three rounds of cooking to win $10,000. In these rounds, they must incorporate unusual mystery ingredients into a dish of their creation. Some mystery foods have been dragonfruit, ants on a log, chicken from a can, and scallops. This show is fun to watch with your family during quarantine because it can give you great examples of how to incorporate ingredients into your meals that you may not have thought of before. Chopped has you sitting on the edge of your seat until the champion is announced. 

Cutthroat Kitchen is similar to Chopped because it has four contestants competing to win money, but instead of $10,000 like in Chopped, each chef has the opportunity to win $25,000. The chefs get $25,000 at the beginning of the show before they even cook anything. The host of the show, Alton Brown, auctions off items that the chefs can buy using their money, and then gives the items to their competitors to sabotage them. Some of the sabotages have led contestants to make cooking utensils, pots, and pans out of aluminum foil, play hacky sack to win their ingredients back, and having hamburger meat swapped out with frogs’ legs. It is a very entertaining show because it is not a traditional cooking show. It is fun to watch even if you do not like cooking, and it’s a very easy show to binge during quarantine. The only downside is that the show stopped airing on Food Network, so to watch it you need to buy it on Apple TV or Prime Video. However, it is still completely worth the effort.

All of these shows are very entertaining and fun, perfect to watch alone or with your family during quarantine. Stay tuned for our next issue where we review the best ice cream to have during lockdown!

Photo contributed by Katie Sandhu ’21 from Unsplash media.

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The Best Cooking Shows to Watch During Quarantine

Maddie Levey '21 & Juliana Rosen '21 Welcome to Foodies: pandemic edition. We all know that you have hours...

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