Friday, November 27, 2020


Help Wanted

Bennett Kruse '21 & Karina Carlos '21 The seniors have left the building, but there is just one issue...

Back Page: Outer Banks Edition

Erin Duane '20 and Bennett Kruse '21 When the only two Backpage writers, Erin and Bennett, sat down at...

My Royal Demotion

Erin Duane '20 As some of you may know, I am the youngest of six. This means that for...


SJTI Cancellation Hurts Goal III and Community Education About Climate Change

Colleen Tanona '22 & Audrey Basta '23 The Social Justice Teach In, a crucial event in one’s Sacred Heart...

Coaches and Counselors Maintain Momentum During Quarantine

Adrian de Vernou '22 The transition to distance learning has affected everybody within the SHP community, including students, teachers,...

SHP Students and Faculty Dig Deep Into the RSCJ’s Political Activism

Ava Borchers '21, Sofie Wheeler '21, Lizeth Suarez '21, & Kaitlyn Smith '22 The RSCJ, or the Society of...


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